• Expect ~2 months to get from Ultima to your home (if USA).
      My experience:
      1/17: Paid Ultima in full. Going to shippers ASAP.
      2/2: Shippers still working on it.
      2/26: Loaded onto ship. Notice it takes over a month to box up.
      3/1: Ship leaves UK. Due in Montreal 3/12.
      3/20: Ship arrives. Notice it was delayed over a week.
      3/22: Picked up crates and bring home.
    • Ultima will deliver your crate to the nearest port. You may need to get it through customs and then out of the train yard to a building (drayage). Fortunately a few builders had done this before me and recommended these great resources. I highly recommend them both!
      - Customs: Brian DeWolfe of US Consolidated Custom Brokers - 305-910-4753
      - Drayage: Joe Hora of ITL Chicago - 708-825-6299
    • Once the drayage company has the crate, you need to arrange to get it home on a flat bed. My crate was 13'9' x 6'10" x 6'10" and 3,131 lbs. (37 pieces). Ideally the flat bed will not have side rails.
    • When you receive your car, ask Ultima for a Packing List. It's not included in the shipment, but they can email it to you.
    • Be sure to remove the top of the crate first!
    • Front Clam Removal: 2 bolts in the front and 2 shocks.
    • Rear Clam Removal: 2 bolts in the rear and 2 shocks. Do not remove the rose joints from frame, otherwise you will lose your rear pre-fit!
    • I am building in a 2 car garage. To maximize space, I built a 4' deep shelf that is as wide as the garage. The top is 6' deep. I loaded all 3 body parts on the top, and then all of the boxes on the lower 3 shelves (boxes I don't need soon in the back). See photos.